Workshop Supply List

Students will need the following materials:

Bring whatever supplies you have or normally use.

2 L-shaped corners / an old mat work nicely

Pencils - I use 2B

Paper - Arches 140lb or 300lb Cold Press.  Bring at least 2 Full Sheets.  I will be using 140lb.

Boards - Gatorboard or something you can attach your paper to.  Normally, I stretch 140lb on Gatorboard.  While 300lb does not need to stretched, taping it down is recommended.

Masking Fluid - Pebeo (small bottle + 2 small plastic containers w/lids appx 1oz size; 1 for masking & 1 for liquid soak).

Brushes -

  • Hake Brush or equivalent to thoroughly wet the paper.
  • Brushes for applying the masking.They will get destroyed so think cheap.I find "Cheap Joes Ugly Brushes" work great and will have a few extras.
  • Selection of round brushes (30, 12, 8, 4).
  • Suggest not your best brushes.Save your favorite Sables for another time.

Palette - whatever you use is fine.

Paint - Any brand is fine as long as you have a red, blue and yellow.  I typically use 2 of each (a warm & cool).  Also suggest having Indigo or Paynes Gray along with Burnt Sienna. 

Containers - 2 for water and least 3 plastic containers w/lids for mixing paint to pour.

Misc - Paper towels; tissues (plain type w/no lotion); large towel (old beach towel works well to protect table); spray bottle; eye droppers

Reference Material - You will work on your own paintings from your own reference photos and/or sketches.  You may draw ahead of time if you prefer. 

Wood Panel - If you plan to mount a finished painting onto a wood panel you will need extra supplies.

Wood Panel -

  • Suggest Studio Grade as it is going to be painted on the sides and 1/2" all around on the top.Keep in mind to match the artwork with proper panel size.
  • You will need flat 1" paint brush (Ace is fine) and 1/2" or 1" foam brush.
  • Sheet of tracing paper that is larger than project.
  • I will supply the archieval spray, gesso & varnish for this workshop.

Your Personal Time - I will have a computer and if you bring your work on a thumb drive we can discuss  methods of creating dityches and tripches.  Another option is to bring a painting in progress; photos, future ideas, sketches for one on one discussion.